Simple actions to make you smile and laugh again

Stress can smash up your physical and mental health. It is also the seed of many diseases and disorder.

Reducing stress is a must for better living and a healthy life. A simple change in your lifestyle can produce a huge impact in your life.

Here are some simple and easy-to-follow ways to eliminate your stress naturally:

Relaxation – Our body gets fatigued when we work continuously. Relaxation helps to restore the energy back into our body. Yoga, meditation or even some simple breathing exercises can increase the ability to handle stressful situation. Relaxation not only helps to increase remedial hormones and lower your blood pressure but also increase your creativity and productivity.

Play – Yes, just one word. Play! When was the last time you played? And how it feels when you really go and play hard. This simple activity can activate the immune system of our body.

Laugh – Have you heard of the phrase, “Laughter is the best medicine”? This technique can not only cure stress but literally any disease in your body since most of the sicknesses are created by the stress in your body.
When one laughs, endorphins are released from our body. Endorphins reduce stress, boost our immune system, eliminate pains and lower our blood pressure. I have a friend who used laughter to cure her cancer within 3 months. That’s how powerful your laughter can be.

Get a pet – A pet is one of man’s great friends. Their company can enhance and enrich ones life and erase the stress away.

Friendship – Being in the company with friends can help you to stay happy and forget all your worries. If you do not have any friends and are too shy to make friend with others, do not be afraid any longer. With the power of technology, you can always go to the website such as facebook, Myspace and Friendster and make new friends there.

Hobbies – Anything that you enjoy doing and it’s not a part of your daily routine is your hobby. Hobbies give you a break from your hectic life and give you the opportunity to do what you really enjoy doing.

This is a fantastic stress reducer because when you do something you really love, you feel happy, calm and relaxed.


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11 Responses to “Stress Relievers”

  1. Some great tips there thanks. My stress does go up during the course of the day and sometimes I can be too busy to think about reducing it but as you’ve described it can be pretty easy to take a break for a minute and get relief.

  2. Hi Raymond, your recipe for stress-relief is simple, straightforward and foolproof. These things, individually or taken together, do work. I’d add the development of a growing relationship with your Source as another essential. Anyhow, any of these is better, cheaper and more effective than seeing a head shrink or downing some fancy pills. ~ Beat

  3. Hi Beat,

    You’re right! It’s free and has no side effect like those pills do.

    Thanks for your nice comment.

  4. Hi Joel,

    It’s kinda hard to get away from stress. That’s why it’s crucial to know how to deal with it. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. I agree that stress is with us and it is how we react that makes the difference. What you recommend in this post is tried and true. This is a good condensed version of much of the best advice.
    I have a dog. We walk together, he is undeniably happy when I return from work or from getting the mail. Pets like this are an enormous benefit to controlling our reaction to stress.
    Good Post. I agree with you.

  6. Hi Bruce,

    It’s undeniable that pet is a great way for us to feel good. I have 2 dogs and they always make me laugh with their funny characters.

  7. Raymond
    I’ve recently started trying mindfulness, which is really a form of meditation. Having taught relaxation for many years, I do believe the evidence supports mindfulness as a brilliant way to start dealing with stress.

  8. Hi David,

    Thanks for the add on. I have something to try today (which is awesome!!)

  9. Hi Raymond,

    I like the play and laughter. You really have explained some great ways here. We really can’t afford to be stressed out all the time. Just takes the fun out of the day.

    Thank you for reminding us all to smell the roses.Blessing to you,

  10. Hi Debbie,

    I love that too. In fact, who don’t, right?

    Don’t stress when you can choose to be happy.

  11. This indeed is a wonderful tip to living a life of less stress. Play and laughter indeed, are wonderful tools.

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